My dear bro/sis/pastors/missionaries, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ I am very much thanking full to god because he inter-connected between you and me. According to Php4:19, Eze12:13, I am praying for our congregation team needs. As I am praying I found your address. So well I started this youth fellowship on02/04/2010.we gather up to few members from different denominations, churches. We gather in the name of Jesus in one place named D.W.CY .This was slightly musical evangelism congregation for youth but we are not depending on only music, we concentrating on god words. up to now we conducted medical camp and distribution of bibles in tiny places surrounding within my city. According to Is41:13, Due28:3 we are moving forward. Our main desire is to preach Gospel in middle of music because mostly in now-a day’s youth attracts more\towards music.

                              So that’s why this was small trails through D.W.CY. Kindly Encourage us we want your supports to our team. Especially I tuned ten beautiful songs for youth to make an album but unfortunately financially it was blocked. We are seeking for producers/sponsors/funds to release album. We are kindly asking you to share your contributions towards this spiritual programs app x. cost for album is Rs.60000.present we need MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS not yet we didn’t own instruments up to now our programmers sponsored by holy spirit god even our prayer hall runs under rental basis. in our team maximum UN-employees, we are independent fellowship so that’s why no sponsors or financial supports. Prayer for our singers, musicians, pastor, founder. We have capability but there is no particular. My hope is on him. Prayer for musical instruments to be own.up to now we conducted medical camps, BIBLE distributions, three days gospel congregation meets in VIJAYAWADA-AP. We want your supports and encouragement to develop our Visions /congregation team. If you are willing to sponsor or to share your contributions/Funds please contact us by LETTER/TELEPHONE/E-MAIL/you may visit our team prayer hall at any time…………! You may correspond

                                                                "THANKING YOU' 

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